Lunes, 28 de Septiembre de 2020
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Lunes, 28 de Septiembre de 2020
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Cholera Protests Reach Haitian Capital

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Port-au-Prince, Haïti, 20 nov.- Protests against a cholera outbreak in Haiti have spread to the capital Port-au-Prince.

On Thursday, demonstrators clashed with United Nations troops amid rising public anger over the deaths of more than 1,100 people and the infection of some 17,000.

During a protest outside Haiti’s Ministry of Health, protesters called on the UN force to leave Haiti. Several reports say that Nepalese troops unknowingly introduced the Asian-strain of cholera to Haiti.

Cholera has never previously been detected in Haiti and the epidemic began to spread in areas that were not affected by the earthquake and only after the Nepalese forces arrived.

The UN has also accepted that health problems exist at the UN base, but says that the soldiers are not behind the cholera outbreak.

A new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns the course of the cholera outbreak in Haiti is difficult to predict.

Haitians have no pre-existing immunity to cholera and conditions are ripe for its continued spread.(RHC).


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