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Friday, April 25, 2014

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Airport Workers in Camaguey Demand Freedom for the Cuban 5

Airport Workers in Camaguey Demand Freedom for the Cuban 5Camagüey, Cuba, April 20.- With a just reclamation of justice and freedom for the Cuban Five, airport workers of Camaguey joined the 5 Days for the Cuban 5 world-wide campaign and demanded the US Government to put an end to the economic blockade on the island.

Those present in a solemn ceremony held in the Ignacio Agramonte International Airport embraced the initiative launched by the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five to organize a world-wide campaign (April 17th -21st) in demand of the immediate release and return of the Five.  

Leuder Escobar Pino, coordinator of this campaign in the Camaguey-based airport stated that it is necessary to spread the truth on what it is happening with Gerardo, Antonio, Ramón, Fernando held in US jails and Rene (still serving a three-year probationary period in Florida). And it is particularly significant, he said, that tomorrow many will lead a march and protest outside the With House in Washington DC.

José Antonio Cardoso, who specializes in marketing, said that the walls of silence on this case must be razed to the ground, so that the public in America know what is exactly happening with the Cuban Five, and show to the world the injustice committed against them.

For her part, trade union leader Concepción Salgado Hernández remarked that the five Cubans imprisoned in US jails for fighting terrorism are examples of dignity and loyalty because of their principles. She also ratified that sooner rather than later they will return home.

The Committee of Solidarity with the Cuban Five in the Ignacio Agramonte International Airport has organized book presentations and art exhibitions, besides since 2004 there is a big banner dedicated to them in this airport. (Pablo Cabero Viamontes/Radio Cadena Agramonte).

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