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Sunday, July 13, 2014

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Miami New Times Newspaper Calls Posada Carriles a Killer

Havana, Feb 25.- Miami’s newspaper New Times called Luis Posada Carriles a killer and a terrorist in an article about his case before the US justice and the support he has received from Washington.

Granma commented on a New Times article posted on the paper’s website under the headline: “Killer Luis Posada Carriles Goes On Trial,” signed by Chuck Strouse.

The report assures that if the “Cuban exile hero, ex-CIA agent and legendary terrorist” is finally taken to trial in Texas and he is found innocent, it will signal the ineptitude, hypocrisy and corruption of the US government.

The article quotes Peter Kornbluh, a spokesman for Washington’s D.C.’s National Security Archives, as saying that the case is a disgrace.

Miami New Times says: “There’s ample evidence Posada tried to assassinate a world leader, hatched a plot that killed scores, and dismembered a tourist in a hotel bombing. Yet he is not being tried for any of those offenses...”

It adds later: “What’s more, the Reagan administration hired Posada as part of the Iran-Contra scandal.”

"In the end, Posada is being accused of lying to authorities, a slap on the hand that would outrage the nation if he were, for instance, an Arab. But he’s Cuban, and that makes all the difference,” the writer stresses.

He also states that “Posada has strong supporters both in and out of government. In a few days, backers gathered thousands of dollars for his defense during what they termed a “radio marathon” on Radio Mambí (710 AM).

“Incredibly, this sentiment has swayed prosecutors and Congress. Even the FBI, which spent millions of dollars over several decades probing Posada’s spy work, inexplicably shredded most of its evidence.”

The author of the article unsuccessfully tried to reach Posada Carriles for comments. His attorney, Arturo Hernandez said: "We are uniformly turning down media requests." (ACN)

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