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Sunday, February 28, 2021
Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ecuadorian Tungurahua Volcano Increases Activity

Quito, Feb 2.- Ecuador´s Risk Management Secretariat today keeps on orange alert the areas surrounding Tungurahua volcano, which has increased its activity in the last few hours with explosions, ash plumes, and pyroclastic flows.

According to local press reports, hundreds of residents of six towns located in the closest areas to the 5016 meter-high volcano were evacuated last night, and today they were staying in a shelter built for those emergencies in the outskirts of Pelileo city.

The Armed Forces said in a communiqué that 60 soldiers were deployed to support the evacuation tasks, while National Police said in its Twitter account that 250n policemen also take part in the rescue activities.

The last report of the Ecuadorian Geophysics Institute warned that a new generation of pyroclastic flows is not ruled out. On Saturday night, the volcano lava reached the bank of Chambo river.

Tungurahua volcano has been active since 1999 and it is considered among the most active in Ecuador, along with Reventador, and Sangay volcanos. (Prensa Latina)