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Friday, May 25, 2018
Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cristina Fernandez Evokes Kirchner's Warnings Regarding Debt Service

Buenos Aires, Sep 3.- President Cristina Fernandez made a new contribution to the national debate today about the conflict created by vulture funds against Argentina, citing warnings from her predecessor, the late President Nestor Kirchner.

Quoting Kirchner's words at the opening of the ordinary session of the Congress of 2004 she issued a public reminder that "the so-called vulture funds, must understand the strength of national positions."

Fernandez evoked Kirchner at her Twitter account, mentioning phrases like "the chosen path is not an easy one, without risks or pressure."

The head of State made the remarks hours before the Senate begins to discuss the Sovereign Payment bill, which proposes the establishment of a new jurisdiction outside New York for creditors to collect their debts.

In this way, the creditors as well as Argentina, would free themselves from interference and blockades like the sentence imposed by the New York District Judge Thomas Griesa which froze the funds that the government had on deposit in order to meet its obligations.

Cristina Fernandez also recalled Kirchner's warning: "Significant economic interests are trying to twist our arms, and throw us off course," and "We will not pay debt at the cost of hunger and exclusion for millions of Argentinians."(Prensa Latina).