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Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Causes of Plane Crash Investigated in Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Feb 14.- Civil Aeronautics personnel began Monday investigations into the cause of the crash of an airliner, which occurred in central Honduras, killing 14 people.

The airplane that was a Let 410 of the Central American airline, crashed on Monday on the Hula hill, which is an area known as Las Mesitas, some 12 miles from Tegucigalpa.

Sources of Civil Aviation and Air Force (FA) agreed that the plane could have crashed due to bad weather.

The commander of the FA, Ruis Landa, told reporters the disaster area was very cloudy and with strong winds, so it is presumed that these factors could have caused the disaster.

The crash killed two crew and 12 passengers, including the secretary general of the Confederation of Workers, Israel Salinas, the deputy minister of Public Works, Rodolfo Robelo, and former Economy Minister Carlos Chaín.

Honduran Foreign Minister, Mario Canahuati, and the head of the National Agrarian Institute, Cesar Ham, were scheduled to travel on the ship, but arrived late at the airport in San Pedro Sula, and boarded another plane.

According to the Civil Aeronautics authorities, the report on the causes of the tragedy could take several days, weeks or months.(Prensa Latina).

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