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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Articles / News / Cuba / Havana to Host Peace & Love Festival this Weekend

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Havana to Host Peace & Love Festival this Weekend

Havana, Cuba, Mar 7.- The Cuban capital will host for the second occasion the Peace & Love festival at the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress on Friday and Saturday (March 9-10).

The event, which originated in Sweden, will have the support of the Cuban ‘Fabrica de Arte’ (Art Factory) project and will feature artists from both sides of the Atlantic, as announced by Cuban musician X Alfonso during a press conference on Tuesday.

Performing at the two-day festival will be Swedish artists and bands such as Timbuku and Friends, Veronica Maggio, Maskinen, The Baboon Show, and Little Marbles, among others. Cuba will be represented by Carlos Varela and X Alfonso, as well as the bands Sintesis, Interactivo, and Anonimo Consejo.

Urban Naslund, president and co-founder of the festival, highlighted the importance of taking the Peace & Love festival out of Sweden as it is an opportunity to exchange experiences with other cultures.

He explained that, apart from Cuba, the festival is also held in China, Chile and Moldavia.

Peace & Love is the largest festival in Sweden and it has an outspoken message of solidarity, diversity and understanding. It started in 1999 and it is located in Borlänge, Sweden. The festival is part of an organization which is involved in other projects besides the festival in Borlänge.

Since its very beginning, it has featured renowned artists such as Bob Dylan, Manu Chao, Alice Cooper, Keane, Patti Smith, Jay-Z, Damien Rice, Alice in Chains, Ziggy Marley, Latin Kings, Motorhead, Suzanne Vega, Sex Pistols, Chris Cornell, and the New York Dolls. (ACN).


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