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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Opinion / Photo stories

  • Love brings together

    Love brings together

    What is love but that common force that takes the feeling everywhere? And it is that the love summons in all its manifestations: art, human beauty, friendship, family, the couple. Love is the work that is built from a shared universe, is where the infinite becomes an act of creation, is that and much more. It is finally, practice of life.

  • The feast of the craft returns to Camagüey

    The feast of the craft returns to Camagüey

    As one of the most attractive and coveted of the Camagüey´s Culture Week is credited the Craft Fair 500 , with representation from creators of all provinces of the country.

  • Embrace peace, message against violence

    Embrace peace, message against violence

    Each January 30 is a call for peace and non-violence, a show of support to the pacifism that both reclaim the humanity. Campaigns, programs to combat this scourge in all its manifestations, social movements and other initiatives on a global scale, are the main actions of this day.

  • Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz Provincial Museum through the lens

    Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz Provincial Museum through the lens

    Camaguey has much to be proud of in the cultural field. It was here where he wrote the first work of Cuban literature; it is the land that saw the birth of the Avellaneda and the National Poet; the site where Vicentina de la Torre and Fernando Alonso consolidated the second company of classical ballet of Cuba and where today are grown other companies of ballet; it is more than enough. But all this we can add the count with one of the three museums that exist on the island with Special Category, and which also holds the second largest collection of plastic arts of greater connotation in the country.

  • Oddi-Oche, the African Diaspora in Cuba

    Oddi-Oche, the African Diaspora in Cuba

    Female deities Yemaya and Ochún conspire their firmness and seduction in a ceremonial ritual, the heir of the Cuban Santeria and source of inspiration for the Folkloric Ballet of Camagüey (BFC), an accomplice of the spirituality of our ancestors.

  • The last vote of Fidel

    The last vote of Fidel

    Was Sunday 3 February 2013, and I was assigned the coverage of the electoral college No.1, 13, 13 Constituency, Plaza of the Revolution. Other times I had already touched that place, the electoral college of Fidel.

  • Faces that know how to love

    Faces that know how to love

    For the first time, this 20 November marks the World Day of Children. And although more than one date International is dedicated to them; this new day, which until then celebrated the signing of the Convention on the Rights of the Child; it seeks to make them real actors, fostering intergenerational dialog and open spaces for their participation in social life.

  • A Square for the art

    A Square for the art

    The Plaza del Carmen (Carmen Square) is undoubtly one of the most visited places in Camagüey by villagers and tourists. The history that wraps it, the architecture and the full-scale sculptural work raised by the artist Martha Jiménez; do of this square a charming, irresistible, forced place.

  • The imperishable Camilo

    The imperishable Camilo

    To Camagüey, Camilo has a special significance. It was here where for the last time he was seen alive; he had come to deal with the betrayal of Hubert Matos, and tell this people, who loved and admired too much, that by them toward the revolution.

  • Of Camagüey, in black and white

    Of Camagüey, in black and white

    When in 1861 the physicist James Clerk Maxwell surprised the world with the first color photographs, many thought it would be the beginning of the great end of black and white. The interest always what is new, combined with the possibility to capture images exactly as seen by the human eye, was without a doubt a goodbye to the blue cone monochromatism.