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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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  • China, the future great economic power

    China, the future great economic power

    These days, many news cables are talking about China’s economic potential.

  • Events have proven me right

    Events have proven me right

    On Tuesday March 17th I wrote: “The Classic was organized by those who administer the exploitation of sports in the United States…”  I immediately added: “The three best teams in the Classic and the Olympics, Japan, Korea and Cuba, were placed in the same group so that they might eliminate …
  • Glory to the good!

    Glory to the good!

    Our delegation was received early this morning with the recognition and the honors it deserves. Esteban Lazo and Frederich Cepeda spoke. There was Raúl, who had made them standard-bearers during the ceremony at the Palace of the Revolution.They were given a copy of my reflection which had been prin…
  • We are the ones to blame

    We are the ones to blame

    In the game that finished today at almost 3 in the morning between the teams from Japan and Cuba, we were unquestionably defeated.The organizers of the Classic decided that the three countries in the first three spots of world baseball shall play it out in San Diego, including Cuba arbitrarily in th…
  • The Moral Importance of the Baseball Classic

    The Moral Importance of the Baseball Classic

    In the early days of the Revolution, the Olympics were an event for amateurs. When the concepts of developed capitalism managed to infiltrate the Olympics, sports stopped being a health and education issue, which had been its main goals throughout history.

  • More News About the Agonies of Capitalism

    More News About the Agonies of Capitalism

    Today I read the cables from March 11th. They were continuing to rain information about the international economic crisis.This time, it was the well known economist and Nobel laureate in Economy Joseph Stiglitz speaking; the press and academia quote him often. The French news agency AFP speaks of hi…
  • A significant meeting

    A significant meeting

     After the end of the conference on Globalization and Development attended in Havana by more than 1500 economists, prominent scientific personalities and representatives of international agencies, I received a letter and a document from Atilio Boron, a PhD in Political Sciences, Professor of Political and Social Theory, Director of the Latin American Distance Education Program in Social Sciences, along with other important scientific and political responsibilities.

  • My meeting with Zelaya

    My meeting with Zelaya

    Some have asked what happened to the meeting with Zelaya that the Commander mentioned in yesterday’s reflection on Wednesday, March 4th.We met.  I had no other alternative.  I found the time.I am obliged to say as much as I can in few words, or not to say anything, and that’s something I canno…
  • What I said about Pichirilo

    What I said about Pichirilo

    I promised to answer the journalist Daily right away.
    In her letter that I mentioned yesterday, she said: 

  • The Heights of the Ridiculous

    The Heights of the Ridiculous

    Oh, I’m so scared!  I just about died when I read the statements made by the U.D.I (Independent Democratic Union).  How fortunate for Chile that it is no longer living under the rule of Augusto Pinochet.   Reading Chapter 12 of Max Marambio’s book “Las armas de Ayer” (Yesterday’s Weapo…