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Friday, August 1, 2014

Repair Works at Santa Cruz del Sur’s Hospital on the Go

Santa Cruz del Sur, Camagüey, Aug 1. – Inhabitants in the municipality of Santa Cruz del Sur -some 82 km south of the city of Camagüey- enthusiastically joined efforts to end repairs and renovation works at the José Santiesteban Báez Municipal Hospital.

Cuba Repeats Condemnation of Israeli Aggression against Gaza

Havana, Jul 31.- Cuba on Thursday repeated its condemnation of Israel''s aggression against the Gaza Strip, as a result of which more than 1,000 people have been killed in more than 20 days of Zionists attacks on that Palestinian territory.

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Cuba with 13 Athletes at Youth Olympic Games

Havana, Cuba, Ago 1.- Cuba will assist with 13 representatives to the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China, from August 17 to 27 August, announced Norge Marrero, director of the National Institute of Sports.

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Tropical Storm Bertha Nearing Lesser Antilles

Havana, Cuba, Aug 1.- Bertha, second tropical storm of the current hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean, is nearing the Lesser Antilles, the Cuban Institute of Meteorology (INSMET) reported today. The system was estimated at 06.00 local hour at 13.1 degrees north latitude and 57.3 degrees west longitude, about 240 kilometers east of Barbados.

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Symbolic Wedding between Amalia and Ignacio to Be Held once Again

Camagüey, Aug 1. – The Quinta Simoni Museum in the city of Camagüey is holding a new edition of the so-called “Symbolic Wedding between Amalia and Ignacio”, which marks each year a new anniversary of the eternal ties between Cuban patriots Ignacio Agramonte and Amalia Simoni.

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Cubans Mark World Breastfeeding Week

Havana, Cuba, Aug 1.- Cubans are holding a series of actions marking World Breastfeeding Week, running till August 7, the Maternal and Children Department of the island’s Health Ministry announced.

High Quality Cuban Pineapples Seduce European Market

Ciego de Avila, Cuba, Jul 31.- Pineapples grown in the Cuban province of Ciego de Avila have gained popularity in the European market, especially in countries like Spain and Italy due to the fruit quality.

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CEPAL Executive Praises Agreement among BRICS Members

Havana, Cuba, Ago 1.- The Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Alicia Barcena welcomed the recent agreement among the BRICS member countries, which favors creation of new multilateral financial institutions, among other advantages.

Ecuadorian Socialists Say Enemies of Havana are our Enemies Too

Havana, Cuba, Aug 1.- The president of Ecuador’s Socialist Party (Partido Socialista-Frente Amplio) Fabian Solano said expressed in Quito his admiration and support of the Cuban Revolution and stressed that “the enemies of Havana are our enemies too.”

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Spanish Actor Javier Bardem Rejects Anti-Semite Label

Madrid, Aug 1.- According to a letter published today by the local media, Spanish actor Javier Bardem rejected anti-Semite label for the signing of an open letter against Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

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WHO Director General Praises Work of Cuban Doctors



French Activist Asks Obama Free Cubans Being Held in USA

Paris, Aug 1.- As every month, French activist Jacqueline Roussie today sent a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama, where she asks him release the Cubans being held prisoners in that northern country.

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South Africa Launches Campaign Against U.S. Cuba Sanctions

Johannesburg, July 28.- South Africa's ruling African National Congress has launched a Cuban Solidarity Campaign -- pledging to work against long-standing U.S. economic blockade against the Caribbean island nation.

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