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Friday, August 23, 2019
Friday, April 6, 2012

Camaguey-based Salt Pan in Pursuit of Being More Economically Efficient

By Pablo Labrada Olivera / Radio Cadena Agramonte.

Near Saint Lucia beach, some 110 km north of Camagüey, we can find El Real salt evaporation pond, a business entity which is seeking sustainable growth in producing salt and is engaged in being more economically efficient.

Belonging to the municipality of Nuevitas, the Camagüey-based salt pan undergoes a comprehensive investment program, including streamlining its technology.

The sum invested to repair its industrial infrastructure is over CUP 1 million and it will let to make a qualitative leap in processing and packaging the product, leaving behind old-fashioned technology and complex hand labor.

Manager of El Real salt pan Francisco Fernández Pérez told this reporter that for the first time this factory will feature a full production flow that meets the demands of the national and international market.

El Real is the only one salt pan in Cuba where seawater comes in a natural manner through an underground cavern system, leading to significant savings of fuel by not having to pump the water.

Streamlining its technology means higher levels of fine iodized salt for the Cuban family, for feeding the livestock, for being sold to the industry and being used in tanneries across the country.

El Real salt evaporation pond has been uninterruptedly operating since 1929; today this facility is renewed as a result of the effort made by its workers.