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Friday, October 19, 2018
Friday, October 30, 2009

Candido Gonzalez Park readies for 49th National Series of Baseball

By Luis Eduardo Quiñones

Roof of Camaguey's baseball stadiumSeveral repairs have been made in the Candido Gonzalez stadium, of the city of Camagüey (eastern Cuba) with a view to the 49th National Series of Baseball, which will be inaugurated next Sunday.

The sealing of its roof, the repair of its electrical system and stairs, the maintenance  of the three towers facing the right filed and the hydraulic system of the park are the main works carried out over the last weeks in the first stadium built after the Revolution.

Some twenty-one workers of the Brigadas de Impermeabilización y Montaje belonging to ECOAI # 8 are doing this job in the most important baseball park of the province, for which a budget of 300 thousand pesos has been assigned, Edelmiro Jiménez, principal investor of the National Institute of Sport and Recreation (INDER) in Camagüey told press.

Jiménez also informed to Radio Cadena Agramonte that the habitual maintenance of the field is also foreseen, including the gravel that prevails in the diamond.

The repairs in the Candido Gonzalez stadium, which began on September 1, have been completed by 45 per cent and they must end before November 17, when Camagüey Team will face Matanzas in this stadium.

This Sunday the 49th National Series of Baseball will officially start in Cuba and in this occasion it will be dedicated to the 9th Congress of the Communist Youth League (UJC). The confrontation between La Habana and Villa Clara will open the series at Nelson Fernández stadium, located in the municipality of San Jose de las Lajas. (Translated by Gualveris Rosales Sánchez/Radio Cadena Agramonte)