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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Working Harder is the Key to Succeed, Says Young Farmer Joel Pérez Coutiño

Joel Pérez CutiñoSanta Cruz del Sur, Camaguey, May 17. – A total of 86 farmers are members of the “Horacio Cobiella” Agricultural Production Cooperative (CPA), which grows sugar cane in the municipality of Santa Cruz del Sur, and has been a cost-effectiveness business for over 20 years. One of its most outstanding workers is young Joel Pérez Cutiño.

Pérez Cutiño drives a sugar cane combine harvesters and so far he has been working on this sector for 12 sugarcane harvest seasons. A job he has done well following the technical norms of the sugarcane cutting.

"The Young Communist League awarded me the Moneda 50 Aniversario de la UJC (an award marking the 50th anniversary of the political organization) and I’m proud of it because this rewards sacrifice and dedication. Out of two coins granted in this municipality one was for me, and I am also very grateful for that", Pérez Coutiño pointed out.

How well has you and your brigade been working during the present harvest? Could you mention some of your results?

"We have always reached the top of the list in all our challenges, our brigade is always in the forefront. Personally speaking, I have kept the second place in the socialist emulation, but the comrade that is ahead of me only has a few more tons cut. However, before the sugarcane harvest is done I’ll be in the first place, of course, I will ".

How many tons of sugarcane have you already cut?

"So far I have cut some 8,000 metric tons. My goal is to cut some 10,000 metric tons before this month ends. The Cuban youth cannot fail in their tasks, this is what I think each time I go out to work in the sugarcane plantation”.

For you what is the highest motivation a young farmer should have at present?

“I think that we must make the best of our efforts to produce more food and sugar, we should fulfill all our duties and be in the forefront of every task, because the youth should shine in everything”.

Of over 860 hectares that the "Horacio Cobiella" CPA has, its workers have already cut sugarcane in nearly 850 hectares.

Using two KTP 2 – M sugar cane harvesting machines in the current season, this cooperative farms has cut and delivered to the industry over 10,200 metric tons, which represents 102 % of the plan, and the reason why Pérez Coutiño’s brigade ended up in the first place of the emulation list in the Cándido González sugarcane mill .

Joel Pérez rejoices at his job and remarks that the key to succeed is to work harder. (Taken from Radio Santa Cruz del Sur)