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Saturday, November 28, 2009

When do players train in this National Series of Baseball?

By Luís Eduardo Quiñones

Young players training in Las Tunas. Photo: Yaciel de la Peña. The 49th National Series of Baseball in Cuba is characterized by the amazing performance of Guantanamo and by the sensational offensive of Granma; but also, by the controversy raised after some novelties implemented in the current schedule of games.

In this season, many fans have no chance to closely follow the main pastime in Cuba, since scheduling all games to be played at 1:30 PM, with the exception of those broadcast by the television, significantly reduces the public's attendance to parks.

This change obeys to a logical alternative, as part of a power-saving policy underway throughout the island, caused by the current economic situation that affects the whole world, in general, and Cuba, in particular; something that our people perfectly understand.

Aside from stealing splendor to the Series, this change in the schedule creates another problem. Out of 16 teams participating in this competition, only two (the ones that play during the evening) can train. The other 14 have to resign themselves to play their daytime games.

This reporter remembers, that in the previous campaigns, when teams like La Isla and Ciego de Avila, were playing in the afternoons because the lighting of their parks were being repaired, many experts justified the low performance of these teams because "they couldn't train before the game".

At present, coaches, sportswriters and fans are on the alert, for these daily training sessions have an important weight on the individual and collective performance in all types of sports.

Mentioning this situation, the following question and others arise:

How might a hitter solve shortcomings in swinging, if, after listening to the corrections of his trainer, he only has the chance to eliminate them in the playing field?   

In training sessions he would have the opportunity to mend his errors, and consequently dominate the technique.

Many people have affirmed that there are equal conditions for all teams. It is true, but the fact is that the situation becomes increasingly worrying, for the health of the Cuban baseball itself is at risk. Undoubtedly, the lack of training during the months the National Series lasts diminishes significantly the tactical-technical performance of our players.

By the moment, Cuba's National Series of Baseball will continue during the daytime, as a measure included in the saving policy, for the restrictions imposed by the current world economic crisis and the tightening of the US blockade.

Then, we have to look for alternatives and some of us suggest the idea of starting the games at 10 a.m., leaving the evenings for the necessary training.

The implementation of this idea, would also affect the attendance to this spectacle, but everything would be in favor of the team Cuba and more than that, for keeping our competitive level high as one of the best baseball in the world. (Translated by Gualveris Rosales Sanchez)