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Friday, May 25, 2018
Monday, September 10, 2012

Cuba Sends Presents to North Korean Leaders for National Celebrations

Havana, Cuba, Sept 10.- Cuban President Raul Castro sent Top North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a present on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea.

Vice-minister of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, General Joaquin Quinta Sola, handed the present to the minister of the Korean People’s Armed Forces, vice-marshal Kim Jong Gak, Pl news agency reported from Pyongyang.

General Quinta Sola, who is heading a Cuban militaray delegation to North Korea, also took a present on behalf of the minister ofthe Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, Army Corps General Leopoldo Cintra Frias, to vice-marshal Kim Jong Gak.

During a visit to the home where former Korean leader Kim Il Sung was born, in the region of Manyongdae, the head of the Cuban delegation said that during the tour he was able to corroborate the respect of the Korean people for their historic leader.

Celebrations for the 64th annivesary of the establishment of the People’s Democrati Republic of Korea opened with a midnight visit by Marshal Kim Jong Un to the Kumsusan Sun Palace.  Jong Un was accompanied by high-ranking military officers, who paid homage to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.(ACN)