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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cuban Election Preparations Starts Crucial Week

Havana, Cuba, Sep 30.- Preparations in Cuba for the election of delegates to 168 municipal assemblies of People's Power (local governments) on October 21st came on Sunday in a decisive week.

After officially ending on Saturday of nominations of candidates for districts that will integrate municipal governments, on Sunday begins publishing of their photographs and biographies in high voter attendance.

The step is considered of great importance, because the effective 1992 Electoral Act prevents propaganda and proselytizing promises of the candidates for seats.

On Monday will begin the training of more than 200 000 members of the electoral commissions and the members of the 29,000 polling stations set up for this first phase of the general elections.

Preparations will be attended by more 72 000 500 members of the electoral commissions and the more than 150 000 members of the polling stations, according to the newspaper Juventud Rebelde.

Until the October 9, people with electoral rights, over 16 years old and not court or mentally disabled, will verify if their data in the lists are correct or if it is necessary any exclusions or inclusions.

So far the electoral roll has more than eight million people enrolled, though a process that occurs automatically upon people reach the age of majority (16 years), which includes about 200 000 young people who will vote for the first time. (Prensa Latina).