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Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Democracy in Cuba: Interlinking of Rights!

By Tay Toscano Jerez / Radio Cadena Agramonte.

Since July 5, day when the State Council called for elections in Cuba, the whole island nation has been going through important moments in the framework of its electoral process.

The nominating meetings for delegates to the Municipal and Provincial Assemblies of People's Power came to an end on September 29th, and it is already a fact the publication of the voters’ lists on the busiest places in the block.  

On the other hand, the photos and biographies of those candidates elected in the abovementioned meetings are also available for everyone to see them.

Recently, the Cuban students also took part in their elections. For instance, schoolchildren of the elementary and secondary education chose on September 27th the ones who will be their leaders.

These two facts are a proof that participatory democracy is real in Cuba.

For the Cuban citizens this has been a right conquered and executed in the last 50 years. For the young ones taking part in their elections are an early experience which teaches them what democracy is and how they can make their rights count.

This concatenation isn’t an accident. From parents to children - because it is a right achieved with the Revolution - we Cubans know that there is a real possibility of choosing and being chosen, of receiving truthful, and updated information, and of taking part in the fate of our country. But this is not an abstract heredity. We have the opportunity to living it first hand.

How many of those voting for the first time on October 21st, once provided safe custody to the ballot boxes?

We Cubans are getting ready to hold another exercise of real democracy on October21st, the one we want and defend.

We can see how around the world measures are taken without consulting the peoples, abusive measures for which people revolt and take to the streets.  

In Cuba every man or woman, young or adult, black or white, regardless their religious or not religious believes get involved into the electoral process to vote their delegates in the government.

What only matters now is the candidates’ merits, their will, their prestige, capacity and intelligence as leaders to solve the problems that affect those living within the community, the municipality, the province.

The current electoral process is another suitable occasion to ratify once again that it is time to cast our strong vote for those healthy, useful and capable ones.