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Sunday, February 17, 2019
Monday, October 8, 2012

Role of Cuban Youth in Electoral Process Highlighted

Havana, Oct 8.- More than 20,000 youngsters will vote for the first time on October 21th as an active, essential part of the electoral process in Cuba, said Vice President of the National Electoral Committee, Rosa Charroo.

In Cuba, the youngsters have always had a prominent role, and constitute an essential group in the construction of our social Project, she said in remarks to the Juventud Rebelde newspaper on-line edition.

The rights of the new generations are expressed in the nomination of 6,203 youngsters that in some electoral districts were the only candidates, with merits and very positive attitudes, said Charroo.

She said that on a tour of the country, it could be seen the way in which the youth is joining the electoral process, she added.

With over 19 percent of representation among the nominated candidates to delegates to the municipal assemblies of the People´s Power anyone can see the young people´s involvement in this great responsibility, though most nominated candidates are 41-50 years old, she said.

Under Cuba´s Electoral Law, a person has to be 16 to be entitled for "being a voter or be elected" to local bodies of the People´s Power, and has to be 18 to be elected as member of the National Assembly of the People´s Power (Parliament).

Of 3,183 candidates nominated by the people last month, 34.3 percent are women, 19.27 are youngsters and 42.03 are black and mixed race people, according to official figures. The first round of the election of candidates to municipal assemblies of the People´s Power is scheduled for October 21, and a runoff has been scheduled for October 28 in case no candidate has got over 50 percent of valid votes.(Prensa Latina)