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Monday, October 21, 2019
Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cuba: Dynamic Electoral Drill on Sunday

A dynamic electoral drill will take place throughout Cuba, prior to the upcoming October 21 municipal elections, said the president of the National Electoral Commission Alina Balseiro.

Speaking to reporters in Havana, Balseiro said that over 190 thousand electoral commission members will take part of the drill in all voting stations in the country and that they will be joined by thousands of workers and support personnel in charge of communications, and the whole infrastructure prepared for the vote.

Electoral Commission secretary Ruben Perez said that the drill is aimed at testing all voting mechanisms in order to check that everything works appropriately and that all necessary information is available, including voters’ lists, the biographies and photos of all candidates and other documents.

Cubans will vote delegates to municipal governments on April 21, in a first round of elections. A second round has been scheduled for April 28 if necessary. (Ahora newspaper).