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Friday, December 14, 2018
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cuba Improves Eye Surgery Services

Pinar del Rio, Cuba, Mar 25.- The introduction of cornea transplants improves ophthalmologic care in this Cuban province, a pioneer of Operation Miracle.

The new procedure began as a therapy to eliminate disturbances associated to the advanced degeneration of that structure, explained doctor Rolando Iviricu, coordinator of the project.

Since 2001 Cuba has a network for this kind of transplant that consists of removing the central portion of the patient's cornea and substituting it with that of a donor.

More than 24,000 inhabitants of this province recovered or improved their eye sight through this surgical procedure while complications were only reported in 4.6 percent, lower than international figures.

These operations began here in 2006 through Operation Miracle, a health plan that benefits more than 1.5 million persons in 35 countries, including Cuba.

Recently a microsurgery pediatric eye services was inaugurated in this provincial capital.

The experience lends access to new diagnostic and treatment techniques as well as surgery that guarantee the satisfactory evolution of the patients, Iviricu conclude.
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