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Friday, May 25, 2018
Wednesday, January 9, 2013

U.S. Visitors Express Admiration for Cuban Revolution

Catherine Suárez teaches Spanish in a US university.Camagüey, Jan 10. - Guests from the U.S. state of California visiting the city of Camagüey expressed Tuesday their admiration for the Cuban Revolution and their support to the cause of the Cuban Five who have been serving severe and unjust sentences in U.S. jails for 14 years.

The U.S. visitors expressed so during a meeting with neighbours of the 8th block-based Committees for the Defence of the Revolution (CDR), belonging to the 24th zone of this city. The Provincial Office of this grass-root organization in Camagüey and the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP) organized the gathering.     

Catherine Suárez, who teaches Spanish at Las Positas College, explained that the delegation is made up by people who are studying this language in her university and have travelled to Cuba in order to get closer to the island’s reality and share with the Cuban people. Once the visitors return to US soil they will submit a class project on the experiences of this trip.

The Spanish language teacher added that the American press remains silent on what is happening with the Cuban Five in her country; so it is necessary to take some actions in order to provide more information to the American people on the unjust and biased case involving the fate of these five antiterrorist fighters.  

In the meeting that CDR members held up with the U.S. guests, Brazilian student Michel Méndez -who is studying medicine at the local Carlos J. Finlay Med School- highlighted the fraternal and humanist character of the Cuban social system thanks to which thousands of people from other countries have become university graduates.

These American visitors are members of Global Exchange, a non-governmental organization based in San Francisco, California. This organization boosts the observance of human rights as well as social, economic and environmental justice worldwide. (Yamylé Fernández / Radio Cadena Agramonte).