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Sunday, August 9, 2020
Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Cuban People Vote for Homeland’s Dignity

Today the Cuban nation summons us to wage a new battle, to go to the polls and vote for those who will represent us in a people’s Government, to choose our deputies to the Parliament and our delegates to the Provincial Assembly of People's Power. We go to the polls with the strong belief that our representatives - emerged from the people’s ranks- will contribute to correctly implement the guidelines for Social and Economic Policies approved in the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, which is simply to continue making real the principles of the Moncada Program.

In this election, we ratify our determination to keep the social gains of the Cuban Revolution such as free access to medical attention, education, culture, sport and recreation, social security and protection to those people in need.

Another strong reason to go to the polls on February 3 is that unlike in many countries around the world where students and workers take to the streets to condemn neoliberal cut measures which lacerate their lives and that of their families, here Cubans vote at ease in polling places where the ballot boxes are looked after by schoolchildren.

Moreover, we Cubans have the chance to vote for all candidates, even when we also have the right choose some or none of the candidates.

At the time we cast our vote today, we ought to have in mind that we do as something very moral, just and legal. It is not an imposition to our civil rights, but a call to a spirit of union, solidarity and patriotism.  

We cannot forget that the U.S. Government still wishes to undermine the people’s union in Cuba, as it keeps the economic, financial and commercial blockade on the island nation, which has been tightened by
Obama’s administration, now in its second term.

The subversive actions encouraged by the current President of the United States, with the approval of tens million dollars, together with the strengthening of the illegal economic siege, show that this administration does not have the "real" willingness to abandon the worst practices of the Cold War, and still tries to subjugate Cuba.


The enemy has a scheme to cause a rift within our people, and we Cubans a plan to be more united. Let’s go to the polls today with the dignity of Ignacio Agramonte and let’s show them our unity, backing our social system, Socialism.