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Friday, September 25, 2020
Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cuban Vice President: Voting Is Defending The Revolution

Havana, Feb 3.- Minister Council Vice president Miguel Diaz-Canel asserted today in this capital that voting in Cuba is a sovereign exercise to defend the revolution, socialism and the country and it is also recognizing the people''s virtues. After casting his vote, the vice president told the media that there are many people in the country that, starting from their jobs and devotion, have conditions to become parliamentarians or delegates of the People's Power provincial assemblies, seats that are decided in the elections.

Thus when we vote, we are expressing respect to the Cuban people's virtues, besides recognizing all that they have been building and strengthening.

Diaz-Canel highlighted the sovereign nature of the vote in Cuba, because it is cast according to each person's wishes, in the framework of all the possible rights and without any pressure.

"There is public accountability and honesty in our elections. We have come here to vote for candidates that were elected by the whole citizenry in people's assemblies," he said.

Likewise, the leader said the electoral process can not be separated from the economic model updating that Cuba is currently undergoing, because the delegates and parliamentarians elected today will have to contribute to the implementation of the guidelines for these changes.

About the updating, he said that starting from this point, there will be essential actions in that reference and highlighted the rigor with which they are being taken.

Regarding the challenges to those elected today, the vice president highlighted two: being constantly related to the population and achieve the necessary preparation to do their duties. (Prensa Latina)