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Thursday, November 15, 2018
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bolivians Defend Electoral Law

La Paz, Apr 1.- Bolivian organizations comprising the National Coordinator for Change (CONALCAM) are defining Wednesday the date to besiege the Congress until a Provisional Electoral Law is passed.

The rule, previously approved in the Deputy Chamber and essential for the December 6 General elections, is being hindered in the Senate by the majority opposition.

According to CONALCAM secretary Fidel Surco, the historically marginalized sectors, only now benefited by government policies, won't allow that law to be stifled.

Surco did not specify the exact date for the protest, initially slated for today.

The CONALCAM measure has a peaceful nature, unlike the opposition rallies that attacked and occupied state companies in Santa Cruz, Pando, Beni and Tarija in August and September 2008, he noted.

The leader told Prensa Latina that the aim of the Congressional siege is to support the current process of change, the December elections, and that the parliament pass important laws like one against corruption.

Bolivian Vicepresident Alvaro Garcia stated that after the cabinet's sessions which he is to preside over, due to President Evo Morales attendance at the Second Arab and South American Countries Summit in Doha, he will meet with farmers to try to persuade them to postpone the protest for some days.

Legislators from the governing Movement towards Socialism have rejected opposition attempts to discredit the electoral law as another maneuver eight months before the general election. (Prensa Latina)