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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cuba Brings Literacy to Spain

Seville, Spain, Apr 1.- Radio Comunitaria station reported here on the progress of a literacy campaign that uses a world-acclaimed Cuban teaching method.

Information on the Yes I Can (Yo Si Puedo) teaching system designed by Cuban specialists was backed by an interview with Cuba´s General Consul to Seville, Ricardo Rodriguez.

The weekly program Rumbo a una Sevilla libre de analfabetismo (Towards an Illiteracy Free Seville) addressed the matter, as 35,000 people in this southern Spanish region are illiterate.

Teaching of the Cuban method is backed by the Seville Foundation, Organizacion of Juventudes Comunistas Andaluzas and several Town Council sections.

In the broadcast Consul Rodriguez spoke about contemporary Cuba, namely on the recent 50th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

He also spoke on development in Cuba amid the United States' nearly 50-year blockade and the efforts to free the five Cuban anti-terrorists imprisoned in US jails since 1998. (Prensa Latina)