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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Friday, March 19, 2010

In Camagüey-based Meat-processing Plant, Talent and Intelligence Overcome Plight

By Pablo Cabero Viamontes   /   Radio Cadena Agramonte.

This plant is operating today thanks to machines that have been functioning for more than 20 yearsMore than 40 innovations, which replace imports and contribute to the smooth functioning of the Camagüey-based "Raúl Cepero Bonilla" Meat-processing Plant, are applied nowadays in such a food factory.

Industrial machinery mechanic, Apolonio Martínez Cobas, who is member of Cuba's National Association of Innovators and Renovators (ANIR) in Camaguey, fixed two stirring machines of Soviet and Hungarian technologies, respectively; and he is always ready to repair the factory's high frequency motors.

For his part, food technologist Juan Pedro Montalvo who graduated  33 years ago in Bulgaria, is always innovating and replacing spare parts, so that the productions of ground meat and pork-based food do not stop.

Montalvo has found several solutions capable to protect the production line, more specifically, the output of the so-called Tinajón mortadella, with a high demand in the domestic market.

Mechanic Walter Santiesteban Hernández, is another member of the ANIR in the center. He keeps the Engine Room and the boilers functioning smoothly, which are vital for the cooking of the food.

Young employees Marlen Calcines Hernández, Computer science technician; and Dayana García Alonso, with a postgraduate degree in Economy, contribute to the organization of the factory and the sale of its products.

Néstor García Corrales, who leads the ANIR in the Camaguey-based plant highlighted that they have always said 'Yes' to the call of duty made by Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, when he urged them to build their own machinery, during the first years of the victorious Revolution.

The industry is operating today thanks to machines that have been functioning for more than 20 years; hence it is very important that innovators and inventors ensure the continuity of its production.

Likewise, this is another alternative to tackle the U.S.-led economic blockade on Cuba, using intelligence, dedication and inventiveness.