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Thursday, November 15, 2018
Monday, April 27, 2009

Cuba: Best Prepared Society to Face World Economic Crisis

For Luis Orlando Nápoles Arrieta, vice president in Camagüey of the National Association of Economists and Accountants (ANEC), the Cuban society is the best prepared nation to face the effects of the current economic crisis.

Ours is a planned economy, which allows us to reduce the impacts of a phenomenon of worldwide scope, with a strong expression in finances, energy, environment and food production, he stated.

Therefore, Nápoles Arrieta considered that one of the main consequences of the crisis in the social order, the unemployment, does not occurs in Cuba, and what is necessary is to employ people in essential fields like agriculture.

Nápoles added that the country is prepared to keep the conquests of its social system, like free health and education services for all its inhabitants, as well as it guarantees social security assistance for the pensioners, retired people and the most vulnerable and poorest sector of the society.

He also mentioned the preparedness of the population and the macro economy due to the harshness of the so-called Special Period.

Such a feat of endurance, survival and development is a factor to keep in mind when we face the crisis, he highlighted.

More Integration to Face the Global Crisis

As favourable characteristics to face this phenomenon, Nápoles praised how Cuba has tightened the links of integration with Latin America and the Caribbean, through the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas and other cooperation agreements.

In addition, he highlighted the fact of Cuba’s expansion of economic relations with China and Russia.

Still dependant on imports, Cuba finds positive situations in the world market like the  lowering of crude oil prices which fell from $100 per barrel in 2008 to under half of that price now, and the same has happened with the food.

However, the local economist said that it is unfavourable how the nickel prices – one of Cuba’s main export items- have dropped lately.

Rationality and Saving

Nápoles assured that Cuba will keep development levels even amid adverse conditions like the current global crisis.

The policy and goal of the island nation are headed in a direction to make the best possible use of the state budget and save the raw materials, he expressed.

The vice president of the National Association of Economists and Accountants (ANEC) in Camagüey said that the country must boost its domestic production in order to replace imports and increase its exports.

Our progress in this field hasn’t been as good as expected; he emphasized, and considered that a better organization should prevail.

Nápoles explained that one of the ANEC misions is to give the people an education on economic issues and mainly the impact of the current crisis on Cuba.

The most important thing for the country in this period is to work efficiently and saving most of resources, as the leadership of this country has asked.  BY Lucilo Tejera Díaz/ AIN