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Sunday, September 27, 2020
Friday, April 8, 2016

Generate New Bioproducts: a Challenge for Plant Health in Cuba

Havana, Apr 8.- Generate new bioproducts to contribute to the protection of crops and continue the updating process of pest management programs are challenges of the Cuban plant health, stated an official source here today.

Other challenges are related to studies on the impact of climate change on the behavior of pests and their impact on crops in the field, informed the director of the National Institute of Plant Health (INISAV) Marlene Veitía, in the main event of the sector on the occasion of the Science Day.

According to Veitía, nowadays there is a new panorama in agriculture: climate change, the diversification of land tenure and use as well as the increase of pest have generated new risks of a very- difficult-to-predict scope, which represents a challenge for researchers.

To address this problem, the INISAV contributed with important results in 2015, including the introduction of the strain Beauveria bassiana LBb 1234 to the domestic production of biological means, ensuring the protection of different crops.

At the event 37 scientific and technical studies were recognized as well as entities related to the food and agriculture industry on the island.

Agriculture Minister Gustavo Rodriguez congratulated the awarded and informed that three plants of bio-pesticides are under construction which will allow the self-sufficiency of these products and their possible export.(Prensa Latina)