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Saturday, September 19, 2020
Friday, June 17, 2016

Cuban GM Ortiz tied at top of Premier Group in chess tournament

Havana, Cuba, Jun 17.- Isan Ortiz now shares the top of the Premier Group and so far has starred the best performance for Cuba at the Capablanca Memorial Chess Tournament which held its seventh round at the Barcelo Solymar-Arenas Blancas hotel, in Varadero Beach resort.

The thrice national champion defeated Chilean Ivan Morovic after 54 moves of an Italian opening and tied on top of the standings with American Jeffery Xiong, both with five units.

Ortiz’s win had greater impact because Xiong drew with Polish Kamil Dragun in 24 moves of a Sicilian defense.

Cubans Yuri Gonzalez and Yusnel Bacallao were the other winners in the day as opponents of American Samuel Sevian and Spanish Angel Arribas, in that order.

While in the remaining match of this poole, Yuniesky Quesada and Camilo Gomez, both locals, also drew and the first of them follows the leaders with 4.5 units.

Then appear Dragun and Yuri (4), Camilo and Bacallao (3), Sevian and Arribas (2.5) and Morovic (1.5).

In the Elite, group attended by six players with the highest ranking in the competition, attractions were less as the three games were draws, maintaining thus the broad leadership of Ukrainian Vassily Ivanchuk, on the route to his seventh crown.

With black pieces, "Chucky" drew in 30 moves of an English Opening with Hungarian Zoltan Almasi, monarch in the edition of 2013.

Now Ivanchuk owns five points and surpasses by far Almasi, Bulgarian Ivan Cheparinov and the also Ukrainian Yuriy Kryvoruchko, who all total 3.5.

The last two of them signed peace after 36 moves of a Queen's Gambit, same outcome achieved by locals Leinier Dominguez and Lazaro Bruzon in only 12 moves of a Russian defense.

Unexpectedly Leinier (3) appears penultimate and Bruzon (2.5) closes the standings, where everything points to an eighth consecutive foreign reign. (acn)