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Monday, February 18, 2019
Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mexican Students Designs Technique to Treat Sleep Disorders

Mexico, Jul 19.- Based on functional magnetic resonance imaging techniques, a student of Mexico's Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM) has designed a protocol to alleviate the negative effect of sleep disorders.

The contribution by Diana Paulina Martínez, a UAM Doctorate student in the field of Biomedical Engineering student, would benefit people who suffer the disorder or those who need to stay awake and attentive like pilots, drivers and machine operators.

In a more advanced stage, it could help treatment against Alzheimer and Parkinsons Disease.

The research project "Protocols of High Frequency Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation", applied to working memory was developed by the National Center of Imaging Research and Medical Instrumentation.

The objective is to set non-invasive parameters to improve cognitive capacities.

Martínez explained that the functional magnetic resonance imaging technique allows observing in a resonator how brain areas respond when given specific tasks, a UAM statement adds.

The study revealed that there are specific areas in the frontal lobe that were very affected due to the lack of rest.

The most relevant result, she added, is that the most altered area in people who have been deprived of sleep is the executive control.

This means the individual can keep storing information and doing activities, but is not capable of having full control of certain actions, like for example, remembering a letter he had seen, she added. (Prensa Latina)