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Friday, December 14, 2018
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bioelectric Power Stations, a Promising Way to Convert Solar Energy

Havana, Feb 22.- The bioelectric power stations have been the best way to convert solar energy into electricity, Minister of Energy and Mines (MINEM) Alfredo Lopez said on the daily television program Roundtable.

Lopez provided extensive information last night on the state of the prospective development of renewable energy until 2030, which could reach a share of 24 percent of the total electricity generation, compared with only 4.65 percent at present, he said.

The 22 bioelectric power stations should contribute about 755 megawatts (mw), a figure that will represent the largest volume among all other renewable energy sources, including the participation of photovoltaic panels, hydraulic energy, wind energy, solar heaters and biogas, he said.

He referred to President Raul Castro's call at the Parliament's session held in December 2016, in which he urged to accelerate the development of renewable sources in the country.

The MINEM minister added that the plan includes the construction of about 191 photovoltaic parks, which will jointly deliver about 700 mw, most of which are already micro localized and the study of pre-feasibility and other requirements has been carried out.

The province of Cienfuegos, in the south central region of the country, is currently the territory with greater progress in the use of the photovoltaic energy.

About the importance of renewable energy, the MINEM minister gave examples with the province of Holguin, which will have almost 400 megawatts from wind energy, biomass, photovoltaic panels, biogas and other clean sources.

The director of Electricity Generation at Azcuba Sugar Group, Barbara Hernandez, and the president of the Electronics group, Vicente de la O, also participating in the program. (PL)