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Friday, October 19, 2018
Monday, March 27, 2017

Government installs solar panels in far-off Cuban mountains

Havana, Cuba, Mar 27.- In the mountainous municipality of Tercer Frente, in the eastern Cuban province of Santiago de Cuba, 62 households will receive solar panels to generate electricity, thus improving their living standards

As a part of a strategy to make life more comfortable for the inhabitants of that far-off region, the government allocated construction materials to repair and improve houses, and with these solar panels they can watch TV and have at least to lamps to lighten their houses.

Mabel Hechavarría, president of the People´s Power Assembly in that municipality said they are taking several measures, using the State budget to boost the permanency of farmers in the mountains where they are vital as workforce for crops as coffee, cacao and others.

Two Cuban companies, Copextel and the Electricity, are in charge of installing the panels, and deputies of the People´s Power Assembly check on the process to make sure this work is done properly and the new owners receive proper training in their use.

Tercer Frente is a municipality created after the Triumph of The Revolution. 97 percent of all houses receive electricity from the National Power Grid but the distance to some of them makes impossible for the electric wires to reach them, Hechavarria said.

The equipment they will install is Chinese and allows them to store energy from 9 Am to 3 PM where the sun light is stronger. (ACN)