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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Wednesday, April 5, 2017

More Than 1000 Peruvians Already Treated by Cuban Medical Brigade

Piura, Peru, Apr 5.- More than a thousand patients were treated by the Cuban medical brigade arriving in this northern city of the country to assist the victims of the floods that devastated this territory, the group leader, Rolando Piloto said.

When starting a new solidarity period, Piloto told Prensa Latina that the group of 23 doctors and other health professionals are working hard at five shelters where thousands of refugees have been relocated whose homes were destroyed or left uninhabitable for the waters.

He pointed out that yesterday there was a total of 529 consultations, which, added to those of Monday yields a total of 1,046 in two days of fieldwork.

Also, he said, 549 educational works were carried out among the refugees and 23 group health hearings.

The brigade's epidemiologists conducted surveys or assessments of the possibility of disease outbreaks due to food distribution conditions, liquid and solid waste, and physical environments.

He emphasized the great acceptance of the work of Cuban doctors and the good working relations with the public health personnel of Peru, with whom they work in a coordinated way.

He said that a group of medical students appeared before the brigade asking to work as volunteers with the Cuban brigade as health promoters or assistants, which is being evaluated along with the Peruvian health authorities.

The presence of the brigade continues a tradition of solidarity of Cuba with Peru that dates back to 1970, when a lethal earthquake devastated part of the north and a medical brigade was the first one to come to help the victims and it had another similar milestone after the earthquake that hit the southern region of Ica in 2007. (Prensa Latina)