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Monday, December 10, 2018
Monday, June 19, 2017

Cuban collaborators return from Peru

Havana, Jun 19.- On the evening of June 15, 23 collaborators from the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade who offered services in Peru, returned to Cuba.

Two and a half months ago they left to save lives, and treat those most in need. For some, it was their first mission as part of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade, while others, more experienced members were already familiar with the challenging yet gratifying work that lay ahead. They were 23 collaborators in total, 12 doctors and 11 profesionals; men and women who offered medical services in the region of Piura, Peru, after the country was hit by intense rains.

None of the difficulties they faced stopped brigade members from fulfilling their duty as the hygienic-epidemiological situation in the affected zones gradually improved, stated Dr. Rolando Piloto Tomé, head of the brigade.

Collaborators treated over 24,000 patients, while there were no fatalities among the 987 confirmed and suspected cases of dengue, added Piloto.

Deputy Health Minister, Marcia Cobas Ruiz, stated during the welcome ceremony.

Deputy Health Minister, Marcia Cobas Ruiz, stated during the welcome ceremony, “It seems like only yesterday that we were saying goodbye, but it has been two months and during that time you have carried out heroic work, and the greatest result is to have penetrated the hearts of the Peruvian people. We believe therefore, that it was worth the sacrifice and being far from your country and loved ones, because the sister people of Peru received your service: the solidarity of each and every one of you.” (Granma)