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Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Monday, July 3, 2017

Natural and Alternative Medicine against Asthma

Havana, Jun 29.- The use of green medicine for the treatment against asthma is today a valuable tool that the Juan Manuel Marquez Pediatric Hospital develops with important results.

In an exclusive interview with Lucia Rodriguez Diaz specialist in Natural and Traditional Medicine explained that after applying the treatment, the crisis and intensity of the asthma is alleviated.

This prevents, she said, for children to be sent to intensive therapy or hospital wards in many cases, because as a preventive point of view we teach the patients what to do when the initial signs of the illness begins.

The Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Revolution approved in the 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party expresses that among the country’s objectives is to assure the compliance of the Action Plans to guarantee the development of the Natural and Traditional Medicine in addition to developing the natural medicine industry.

According to this premise, the specialist affirmed that they use natural medicine to prevent the crisis among asthmatic children and among the most frequently used syrups are Asmasan and Asmacan, produced by Labiofam entity.

The Juan Manuel Marquez pediatric hospital teaches techniques of massages and relaxation in order for the initial symptoms in patients can calm their anxiety and nervousness, she said.

In the school for asthmatic children, parents and teachers were given conferences in which the parents and children learned the relaxation techniques and the natural alternative medicines to control the ailment.

Rodriguez Diaz pointed out that the institution uses acupressure, which stimulates different points –like the point of the nose- for example which calms the patients and allows the opening of the bronchial tree.

With the use of Traditional and Natural Medicine, asthma sufferers improve their conditions, removes the severe crisis and improves their respiration, said the specialist. (Nicole Mesa Lafargue/ACN)