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Friday, December 14, 2018
Monday, July 17, 2017

Congress of Agricultural and Forestry Technicians Begins in Cuba

La Habana, July 17.- The Fifth Congress of the Cuban Association of Agricultural and Foresty Technicians (ACTAF), has begun today with the participation of about 300 delegates, who will previously pay tribute to the country's phytosanitary workers.

According to organizers, after the recognition to those men and women who provide services to producers in each place to diagnose pests and diseases that threaten crops, the event begins with a keynote speech.

The speech will be about the current state of the Cuban agriculture and the challenges for the technicians and professionals of the sector.

The forum, which has been preceded by a process started in the grass-roots in September 2016 to deepen the role of technicians and professionals in agriculture, includes five commissions.

They are related, among others,to agriculture and sustainable forestry development as a tool that opens mid and small scale technological innovation and the search for solutions to the main problems of the sector.

The motto of the forum is: “A congress of reaffirmation and commitment to the service of the Cuban agriculture”.

Delegates from all provinces, including the Isle of Youth special municipality, made up of outstanding technicians, agricultural managers in each territory, representatives of middle and higher education, science, technology and the environment, are attending the congress. (Prensa Latina)