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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Thursday, August 24, 2017

Ecosystems are Less Resistant to Drought, A Study Says

Washington, Aug 23.- Terrestrial ecosystems are every time less resistant to drought, and in the future, several regions of the planet could lose their capacity to recover from water shortages, warned today Woods Hole Research Center, Massachusetts.

Shorter periods between droughts combined with longer recovery periods could provoke general forest mortality, depleting the capacity of terrestrial affected areas to adsorb atmospheric carbon, the institution added.

Woods Hole Research Center's team in Falmouth, in collaboration with NASA, measured the recovery time after water shortages in several regions of the world.

Scientists checked that the natural answer time to drought was taking more time in all terrestrial areas.

'There are two particular vulnerable regions- tropics and northern latitudes, where the delay on recovery increased even more than the others', the study pointed out.

According to the authors, such parameter is crucial to assess the recovery capacity of ecosystems to environmental changes. (Prensa Latina)