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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Friday, September 1, 2017

Study Reveals HIV-Prevalence Decrease in Uganda

Kampala, Sept 1st.- Prevalence of HIV in Uganda decreased from 7.3 percent in 2011 to the current six percent, according to a report by a regional media outlet quoting a study published by the Health Ministry.

Assessment of the impact, made during a survey from August, 2016 and March 2017, revealed that the figure matched with the group from 15 to 49 years of age and that in children under five, the number reached 0.5 percent.

'According to the survey results, the total number of adults and children at all ages that live with HIV in Uganda has been estimated at around 1,300,000 (sick)', said the health minister, Doctor Jane Ruth Aceng.

The numbers show that the presence of HIV was more in women, with 7.5 percent, compared to the 4.3 percent in men.

Besides, the study determined that in the male population, the HIV rates are higher in the segment from 45 to 49 years of age (14 percent), followed by those from 35 to 39 years of age (12.9 percent).

In young people at ages from 15 to 24 years, prevalence of the virus is 2.1 percent and in those from 25 to 29 is outstandingly higher, reaching 8.5 percent.

According to Aceng, despite these results, the new infections continue to be a problem in these groups. Thus, innovative interventions are necessary to counteract the situation. (Prensa Latina)