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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Monday, September 6, 2010

Beginning of 2010-2011 School Year: Celebration and Commitment

By Tay Toscano Jerez  / Radio Cadena Agramonte.

Why do I say that the beginning of the school year in Cuba is a celebration and, at the same time, a strong commitment?

There are many reasons to say so. The first one comes from own experience, even when those hours when I had to put on my uniform and have everything ready to go to the first day of school each September, are distant in time.

Certainly a lot of time has past, but this is not the most significant thing. The truly amazing is that those moments are vivid in my perception, because it is difficult to elude the schoolchildren rushing off to class which, for instance, is happening in this very moment in Camagüey, eastern Cuba.

The first sunrays had just popped up when hundreds of kids and teens from all levels of educations were heading to 748 teaching institutions that would receive them this morning. In all of them something was certain:  there were teachers, student's materials and provisions of all kind for the interns guaranteed.

Many are the transformations that will be put into practice, but the intention hits in the eye: a better quality of the education, and consequently, better-trained men and women for a future that they would assume to boost a comprehensive development of the province and the country.

September means celebration and commitment when we are talking about the education of our children. Celebration because the gates of the schools are open, as if we were opening the doors of knowledge; because this moment is accompanied by the happiness of a social conquest that in other countries seems to be chimera.

It is commitment because students should end their courses with encouraging results in a way to pay back the efforts by teachers and ancillary personnel. And it is also commitment because the generation that is receiving education in the classrooms means the future.

Along with the students, the whole family has been celebrating this September 6th, in Camagüey, because the fundamental cell of society is also part of this celebration and commitment.