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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Conservation Agriculture is an Urgent Need, Says FAO

Havana, Sep 6.- Conservation agriculture has become an urgent need, said official for programs of FAO Cole Genge in an article quoted today by the FAO office in Havana.

Genge said in his article that this practice is important to handle the climatic change and increase the profits of small farmers.

He said that conservation agriculture has benefits for those who work the land, instead of a small group of large companies.

He said that this initiative leads to a sustainable production and also that it is environment and natural resources-friendly, it scarcely changes the soil through direct sowing and farming, while protecting the ground with organic material layers.

He also said that the damage made to the ground must be reverted because land degradation damages more than half the lands used for farming.

Genge is the coordinator of the Network of FAO representatives in 33 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean. (Prensa Latina)