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Monday, December 10, 2018
Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pictures on Fidel Castro Exhibit in New York

New York, Sep 13.- The Cuban Permanent Mission at UN is exhibiting today a series of photos from the Prensa Latina News Agency about revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro.

In 16 snapshots, the exhibition offers a tour of the work of the commander-in-chief of the Cuban Revolution, including his meetings with world personalities, contact with the people of the island and his love for the sport.

The presence at the embassy of ambassadors from several parts of the world accredited to the United Nations, members of the solidarity movement with Cuba in the Big Apple and media outlets, is expected.

The tribute to the leader who passed away in November 2016 also features the launching of the book “Knockout”, by activist Julio Pabon, a publication that details Fidel Castro's visit to the South Bronx in 1995.

Pabon noted in recent statements to Prensa Latina that he never imagined having the opportunity to learn such an influential figure in history.

According to the author, the book includes some anecdotes long housed from the visit to the Latino population in the United States of a human being who demonstrated with his life and his work that nothing is impossible when fair causes are defended. (Prensa Latina)