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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Wednesday, September 13, 2017

When Irma lashed out at Camagüey

Irma is not a name that is liked today in Camagüey, but as the cyclone 32 in Santa Cruz, also this will be an unforgettable one. In fact, since 1932 a hurricane had never touched Cuban soil with category five. This time it was not to the South, but the North, exactly in Romano Cay, in the municipality of Esmeralda, where the night of September 8, the wind beat strong, very strong, and then devastated.

Irma left affectations in all of the Camagüey´s territory, even in Santa Cruz, the further away from her eye. Of course, this time it did not took us by surprise as in the 32. Now we are, without chauvinism, a power in the field of Civil Defense. However, the devastation, although they are smaller in comparison, are significant.

These images, published today by our section Photo Stories, far from which we usually show: the Camagüey legendary, peaceful, tender that commonly captures the lens of our Rachel Garcia, now looks very different from dozens of cameras and cell phones.