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Friday, December 14, 2018
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Chile hosts regional meeting on cooperation Euroclima

Santiago de Chile, Oct 11.- The Minister of the Environment of Chile, Marcelo Mena, and the ambassador of the European Union (EU) Zervoudaki here, Stella, today inaugurated the regional meeting of Euroclima with 18 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Horst Pilger, Head of Regional Cooperation in this area of the world by the European Commission, pointed out that there are 80 million euros reserved for projects from different areas related to the climate.

'The idea is to promote programs channeled through Euroclima , with countries from Mexico in the north, Cuba in the Caribbean or the same Chile and other nations, to mitigate and adapt to climate change', said Pilger.

Sometimes we can encourage some countries to work as a whole, and while we contribute funding and therefore monitor the investments, we are respectful of the interests of each individual and the form of benefit, he said.

Pilger reflected on the challenges posed to humanity the warming of the atmosphere, and in this sense also spoke of the collaboration with Latin America on the way to implement the Paris Agreements.

Direct technical assistance, cooperation, promotion of strategies and studies about the threats and potential in the domain, complement the use of the monies to be delivered by Euroclima , he said.

Through a participatory process with Latin American actors, defined six sectors to carry out the concrete steps of action.

They are management and disaster risk reduction; forests, biodiversity and ecosystems; urban mobility; renewable energy and energy efficiency; resilient food production; and management of water and urban resilience.

'We now have 10 million euros for each of the lines, which in reality is not much money. And the remaining 20 million we serve to compensate for certain proposals that exceed the budget, identify areas', explained Pilger.

The high specialist of the EU reported that it will be at the end of 2018 when re-analyzed a new package to finance programs and contribute in this way to the acceleration of measures to protect the environment. (PL)