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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Thursday, October 12, 2017

Of Camagüey, in black and white

When in 1861 the physicist James Clerk Maxwell surprised the world with the first color photographs, many thought it would be the beginning of the great end of black and white. The interest always what is new, combined with the possibility to capture images exactly as seen by the human eye, was without a doubt a goodbye to the blue cone monochromatism.

However, there are still black and white photography continues to talk about. Not only professional photographers prefer it but also amateurs, and today, it is possible to do the same with a camera of high standards with a Smartphone. You can even using software, convert an image captured in color, black and white.

Any topic is a good candidate to be photographed with this technique: both the fashion, like nature, portraits and urban landscapes, serve as inspiration to portray the reality in black and white. (Photos: Rachel Garcia Aguilera)