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Friday, October 19, 2018
Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Festival of Cuban Identity kicks off in Bayamo

Granma, Cuba, Oct 17.- The Festival of Cuban Identity, an event in which the people celebrate the happiness of being Cuban, begins today in the city of Bayamo, Cradle of Cuban Nationality.

The meeting includes the 25th Theoretical Event ¨Melting of Cuban Nationality¨ that will be inaugurated through a conference by PhD. Eduardo Torres Cuevas.

Those attending the 23rd edition of this festival will be able to enjoy the personal exhibition ¨Cruces, ¨by artist Manuel Olivera Alvarez, and there will be sails of books, theatrical shows and audiovisual appreciation workshops for children.

There will also be an identity and tradition fair at Plaza del Himno, which stands will show from October 17 to 20 distinctive features of cigar culture, Cuban cuisine, pastries, rum and winemaking, successively.

In the event, the Cuban Eastern Organ will receive the status of Patrimony of Cuban Nation, next October 20, in the same place where the Bayamo people premiered the lyrics of the National Anthem in 1868, along with the initiators of the first war in the country for independence and against slavery.

Various spaces within this feast will be devoted to the Cuban rumba, registered in the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, and to the founding of the new trova movement in Cuba.

The Festival of Cuban Identity will run until next Friday with the presence of artists, intellectuals and studies of domestic roots and it´s a great opportunity to enjoy the most authentic aspects of Cuban nationality. (ACN)