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Monday, December 10, 2018
Thursday, October 19, 2017

International Day against Breast Cancer Centers on Prevention, Control

Havana, Oct 19.- A global educational day to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention is taking place all over the world today, with several initiatives aimed at early detection, treatment and palliative cares.

An appeal from the World Health Organization (WHO) stresses that breast cancer is most frequent disease in women not only in developed, but also in developing countries.

The incidence of breast cancer is increasing in the developing world due to increased life expectancy, increased urbanization and the adoption of western ways of life, the note says.

Early detection to improve the prognosis and survival of these cases remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control, the document warned.

The early detection strategies recommended for low-and-mid income countries are the knowledge of early signs and symptoms, and the clinical examination of the breasts in demonstration areas.

WHO states that many low-and-mid income countries facing the dual burden of cervical and breast cancer should undertake cost-effective and affordable surgeries to face these highly preventable diseases. (Prensa Latina)