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Monday, December 10, 2018
Friday, October 20, 2017

Sochi Denounces Blockade as Attempt Against Dialogue Between Nations

Sochi, Russia, Oct 20.- The Youth Festival in Sochi launches today a categorical truth: an economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba attempts against dialogue between nations.

Although voting against the economic siege policy imposed by Washington on the Caribbean island in the U.N. General Assembly has the support of most of the planet's nations since 1992, that sounds the more solid when it is made in the space of a youth festival.

Even more when it is said by the president of the State Duma (Russian Lower Chamber), Viacheslav Voloshin, during a parliamentary panel of the 19th World Youth and Student Festival, celebrated here since last Saturday in the Olympic Park of this Russian resort.

Blockades never help dialogue and we are satisfied to see that despite the consequences of sanctions applied by the United States, in some way Cuba was strengthened, said Voloshin before a young audience.

I was at the funeral ceremony of commander Fidel Castro in Cuba and all the leaders of other nations attending so sad a ceremony, highlighted the big achievements of the country, he commented.

As you yourself said, sanctions were also applied on Russia, among other countries, but that action has a destructive character because it is the absence of dialogue, he said in response to a question by a Cuban delegate.

Consequences of that policy can also be seen in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria, said the Russian official.

All that is consequence of the actions of a country that, even without consulting its own people, imposes on the world récipes of behavior and interferes in the domestic affairs of countries like yours (Cuba), represented in this Festival, he said.

Voloshin recalled that last Wednesday ended in St. Petersburg the 137th Assembly of the Interparliamentarian Union (IPU), where 173 countries worldwide are represented. Of all the big powers, the U.S. is the only absent, he observed.

So the country that pretends to show the rest how to live and build a democracy, in reality, is alien to dialogue in a forum like IPU, he denounced.

But the U.S. Congress considers it does not need the IPU as space to exchange opinions, he commented.

Our country is under sanctions for several years now that provoked a fall of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but the economic policy applied buy our government allowed us to come out of recession and show signs of recovery, he said.

Voloshin's words resumed the rejection expressed by most of the delegations attending the festival against the policy of sanctions, among which that of the U.S. blockade of over half a century on Cuba was very battered in Sochi. (Prensa Latina)