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Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Thursday, October 26, 2017

Feminist movements mobilize to defend women’s rights in Caracas

Caracas, Oct 26.–Representatives of various Venezuelan feminist movements gathered in Caracas, where they participated in a march for women’s rights, and met with senior officials of the Bolivarian government.

The National Constituent Assembly recently declared October 25 “Feminist Socialism Day,” in tribute to Venezuelan feminists and revolutionary leader Hugo Chávez, who declared himself a feminist and worked to promote women’s rights.

In the framework of Feminist Socialism Day, the representatives held a meeting with the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, in which one of their requests was to create a National Office for the Defense of Women’s Rights.

In this context, Minister for Women and Gender Equality, Blanca Eekhout, indicated that this first meeting with the Attorney General allowed them to activate the mechanisms for cases of women victims of gender violence to be processed.

After mobilizing to demand the right to a life free of violence, feminist movements also called for the application of measures against those groups that promote speculation and economic war, severely impacting on Venezuelan families.

Eekhout added that although powerful opposition sectors continue to destabilize the economy and peace of the country, the national executive defends the rights of the people through social protection.

Meanwhile, the President of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Delcy Rodríguez, received the feminist movements at the Federal Legislative Palace, where they presented her with a document in which they called for swift measures to be implemented to combat gender violence and the economic war. (Granma)