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Friday, November 16, 2018
Friday, October 27, 2017

Camilo, smile that multiplies in the people

By Rolando Sarmiento Ricart/ collaborator of Radio Cadena Agramonte.

Only 27 February had met the Commander Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriaran when, after dismantling the plot of a traitor in Camagüey, departed for the unforgettable memory in light aircraft in the face of a challenging stormy sky.

"As for us, we remember to Camilo (…) as a living being, always attracted us more, it was what all the people of Cuba attracted: their way of being, his character, his joy, his openness, his willingness of all times to offer his life, having the biggest hazards with total naturalness, with complete simplicity, without the slightest show of its value, wisdom, always being a companion of all, despite the fact that at the end of the war was, arguably, the most brilliant of all the guerrillas."

So defined another big one in the history of the Cuban revolution, Ernesto Che Guevara, who began his friendship with the Hero of Yaguajay during the crossing of the Granma and under the shots in joy of Pius, when he lost the backpack guerrilla and Camilo shared his can of milk with the doctor-fighter.

Of that eventful day, Che, wrote:

"When the night, quite naturally each one was ready to eat the tiny portion which had, and Camilo, seeing that I had nothing to eat, because the blanket was not a good food, shared with me the only can of milk that he had; and from that moment on I believe that was born or deepened our friendship."

And so it was Camilo, cheerful, supportive, deep and faithful to Fidel and the Revolution, according to Jorge Enrique Mendoza, Captain of Camagüey, founder of Radio Rebelde, who accompanied him before and during the detention of Hubert Matos.

"…In the house of my parents, very close to begin Fidel his appearance on television, my mother prepared us food to all and following the usual invited him to go to the dining room. Camilo, very politely told him:

“Will you not be upset, my old lady, if we took the plates to the living room to be able to listen to Fidel?"

"My mother replied with a smile, she didn't want to hear it- and we all the dishes for the living room, and we got to hear Fidel, which was about to begin.

"In the middle of the intervention of the Commander-in-Chief the doorbell rang the phone: it was a local call with a colleague who wanted to talk to Camilo. Camilo stood, with serious face, and after listening to briefly asked what he was doing. I do not know what they answered, but I will never be able to forget the response of Camilo:

- "When Fidel is talking about all you need to do a revolutionary is to hear it".

Camilo participated in the first free May 1, of the Camagüey´s citizens, in the Casino Campestre and this people said at the time, "[…] this Camagüey that is marching to the forefront of the provinces revolutionary" […] "Brothers of Camagüey, you are very well!”

And the convening of that historic speech still beats in the memory of the children of this land: "We must use all the time to come together, to support the Revolution."

"As I would have liked to Camilo see this youth -expressed Fidel- born of the revolution, born of the revolution, educated in the Revolution!


"In the village there are many Camilo. Camilo came from the people, had the possibility to enhance and develop their extraordinary faculties; but when i see our young people at the foot of a lathe, at the foot of a smelleding furnace, when I see them in a laboratory, when i see them working 10, 12, 13 and 14 hours, confirmed to me more and more in the deep conviction that in the village there are many Camilo".

So said the Commander-in-Chief, with the certainty of the validity of these times, different, but with the same imperialism bent on threatening, and that the smile of Camilo would never have multiplied, as its example, boldness and fidelity, not only in the Island harassed and slandered, but in how many boundaries need solidarity of the Camilos.

If Fidel had lived physically every detail of the ravages and aftermath of Hurricane Irma and the immediate recovery, have written sobering reflections where surely would your concept of revolution: "…is to be treated and treat others as human beings; that is to emancipate ourselves by ourselves and with our own efforts; is to challenge powerful dominant forces within and outside the social and national scope…".

The protagonists of the results of these efforts are the Camilos of the people and the young generations who want to resemble Che as Fidel foresaw, always from the most dangerous scenario of his constant example of reckless cyclone. (Photo: File)