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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Monday, October 30, 2017

Four Camagüey´s baseball players in Cuban pre-selection for Pan American Baseball sub-23

Camagüey, Oct 30.- A total of four Camagüey´s baseball players were included in the pre-Cuban Baseball category sub-23, where will the team that will represent our country in the Pan American Championships, to be held in Panama, from 24 November to 3 December next.

The agramontinos that will be under the command of Ariel Pestano are the gardener Leonel Moa Acevedo and Yosimar Yariel launchers Rodríguez, Cousin and Carlos Pérez.

Moa, in which he batted 341 in the 57 season of the Cuban ball, will fight for a spot on the team with Victor Victor, Las Tunas Finally Escaped Fury Guibert, Las Tunas Finally Escaped Fury of grasses, Pedro León, Sergio Bartelemí Raico and Saints.

For its part, Yosimar Yariel Rodríguez, Cousin and Carlos Perez, appear among the 16 serpentineros convened, and where Ulfrido Liván Moinelo and Garcia.

The other pitchers chosen are Yosver Raidel Martínez, Zulueta, Denis Castle, Alejandro Meneses, Armando Dueñas, Carlos Font, Javier Mirabal, José Carlos Barbosa, Jose Diego Martinez, Paul Guillen and Pedro Alvarez.

Complete the Cuban pre-selection to the Pan American Baseball sub-23 years recipients Ariel Martinez, Yunior Ibarra, Lionard Kindelán, Richel López and Lazarus Martin, and players of table Oscar Luis Queues, Norel González, Yorbert Sánchez, Ricardo Ramos, Roberto Acea, Rangel Ramos, Noel Gonzalez, Cesar Prieto, Rodoleisi Dasiel Sevila, Moreno and Andres Hernandez. (Manuel Moya Suarez/ Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: File)